The Tran5media Experience

I’m pretty sure we have all encountered some form of “transmedia” lately. This term seems to have a few different definitions that could get confusing. From my understanding, it’s about connecting an audience from a particular platform, perhaps a movie or show, by using other means of media to interact.

Have you attended a concert lately? How about watching a concert live on YouTube. It’s awesome how we are now able to do this. Watch a LIVE concert from the comfort of our computer screen! I find it’s the new way to grab an audience, with special concerts and festivals now streaming live footage for those not physically there to enjoy. Maybe you even tweeted about it or posted a status update on Facebook about this show, stimulating a conversation. This is all a form of transmedia.

This weekend was the Deadmau5 concert in Toronto at the Rogers Centre (or how some still call it… “SkyDome”). Tons of excitement surrounded this tour finale, and he is the first Canadian to headline this huge venue in it’s 22 years.  To add to this hype he allowed LIVE broadcasting on YouTube for the first 25 minutes of the show. This was to mark the launch of his new Live streaming website

During the show I noticed my twitter feed blow up with people tweeting from the concert. Yes I was still very jealous of them being there, but I was glad to have the option to view the concert on YouTube. It just adds to the whole experience of this one show. This crossed over to many different social networks connecting with a vast audience beyond his crowd in the Rogers Centre. For the people at home, it seemed like they could be as involved with the show as the people actually there, minus the pushing up against rave-dancing people, stepping in who knows what as people go insane to the beats. Different experience but same show. Also, the radio station Z103.5 in Toronto held an hour special of spinning Deadmau5 beats from 8-9pm the night of the show, while also having the radio station Street Team at the Rogers Centre entertaining the arriving fans. This all adds the the experience of this one Deadmau5 concert. An awesome one for sure.

Here’s the newest Deadmau5 single that he used to kick off the special 25 minute live stream.


One thought on “The Tran5media Experience

  1. Well said, mate. I find that whether or not you attend the concert, “new media” will be used by all fans. For instance, I find while everyone is at the concert, raving and having a good time, they’re also tweeting about it, updating photos of them with the iconic DeadMau5 mouse ears to their Facebook profiles and updating everything under the sun – online. It seems like even the simple act of going to the concert itself needs to be “followed up” with a Tweet or online social notification. Agree? Even someone looking for a job, nowadays, what does it take to send out a resume? It goes beyond that, employers will try to scope out a candidate who has a “social media life” to determine whether or not they would be a good fit for the organization, regardless of if they have their B.A., M.A., CMA, PhD or what have you – social media, it seems, has changed the way we do things in life, even the simplest of things

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